Fall Neutrals: Closet Essentials

Hi Style Babes,

Today we’re talking fall neutrals ..all the nude pieces your wardrobe needs to achieve daily neutral looks. I’m more of an all black or color person but nudes are sexy-sophisticated so I’ve been adding more of them to my closet.

Here I’m wearing a few neutral essentials that every nude lover should own:

  1. A nude, white and/or brown longline coat- a long coat will give any casual outfit more umph! You’ll go from basic to chic and you’ll stay warm. Any of the above colors will help to achieve a neutral look.
  2. A brown, nude and/or white turtleneck top- turtle necks are so sophisticated. Every fall wardrobe needs more than one.
  3. Nude, white and/or brown trousers- i love love LOVE leather pants for the fall but they aren’t necessary. Wide leg pants, straight legs or sweatpants will compliment a neutral look as well. 
  4. A cream, tan and/or chocolate bag- clutches are my fav but I also love a good shoulder bag for everyday looks. Whatever your preference is will work in the above colors.
  5. Clear, white, nude and/or brown sandal heels- It is perfectly fine to wear open toes with coats, especially where I’m from. In Louisiana it doesn’t stay cold long. The weather is so bipolar, my summer outfits still get worn during winter months. But wherever you’re located, feel free to wear your sandal heels if it’s not too cold out. I think every one of these colors are necessary because they look great with almost any outfit, especially clear heels. Boots and booties are a must for fall as well of course.

My outfit (coat, top and pants) came from Shein. The bag and shoes are from Ego Shoes. They both have dope affordable pieces.

What are your favorite neutral items?

Thanks so much for reading!



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