I launched my own clothing brand! (Testimony)

Hey Style Babes!

I’m finally back with a new blog post. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been putting lots of time and energy into starting a business and I’m here to tell you about it.

Almost one month ago, I launched my clothing brand, Fox Blvd and I can’t even express how happy, proud and fulfilled I’m feeling. This is truly a dream come true for me! I’ve been thinking of doing this for years but I allowed a few excuses to hold me back. I realized that it was only me and my lack of faith that was stopping me from achieving my goal.

My 1st Excuse: “I don’t see a way” aka Laziness


I sat on this dream for the longest because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to explain my visions to someone in a different country. Since I’m still in the beginner stage of sewing and don’t desire being a seamstress at all, I worked with a local seamstress for a while and even she couldn’t get my designs to look exactly how I wanted them to so I just knew it would be impossible working with a vendor overseas or even in a different state.

I also claimed that I didn’t know all the steps I needed to take to start my own brand with my own designs. Well guys, if this is your excuse I’m here to tell you that you, my friend, are a bullshitter who will never see success until you get off your ass and get on youtube or ask a friend or ask a stranger or invest in a few courses, etc. There are so many people doing things similar to what you’re planning to do who are telling the world exactly how to get it done.

This excuse was a slap in God’s face because I have already been given so many huge things that I’ve prayed for so why am I not trusting him with this dream? The tough truth was that I didn’t want it bad enough.

Excuse #2: “I don’t have the money to do what I wanna do”


I decided I wanted to be a designer in college when I was doing silly things like spending my refund checks on clothes and food. I even worked a part time job while living at home with my parents so why wasn’t I putting money into a savings account for my dream career (or to atleast pay for student loans after school)? Beats me! Lol, I have to laugh when I think about some of the decisions I’ve made in the past.

I was thinking hey, when I graduate I’ll have a great paying job so I’ll be able to invest in my dreams then. WRONG. I graduated and had the hardest time finding a job. (God doesn’t go around handing out huge rewards to bullshitters.) When I decided I was ready to start adulting, I ended up settling for a job in Bluecross’s call center and getting my own place. Now, I for SURE don’t have the money to start a clothing brand.

My standards were pretty high when it came to my dream business. I wanted everything to be great quality and I wanted every aspect of the business to be perfect. If you’re anything like me, you should know that if you’ve been given an idea, it’s because God already has a way to make it happen. You just have to get out of your head long enough to see it. You should also know that if you have $100 or even $20 a month to save for your dreams and you aren’t doing it, it’s because you don’t want it as bad as you say you do. There are other options available for someone needing money to start a business but I’d recommend praying for guidance first. When I finally started my spiritual journey, I started to gain more confidence in my visions, more faith in God and lots of guidance.

Fast forward to the end of 2017 when I finally found an accounting position with a decent salary, I was so motivated to start the job and begin working towards launching my business but then I got pregnant and owning a clothing brand got knocked down to the bottom of my to do list.

Excuse #3 “I don’t have the time or the energy”


I wasn’t expecting pregnancy in 2018 AT ALL but it was a blessing that I was excited about and something I could not stop thinking about. I also didn’t expect to have all of the energy sucked out of me but I barely had enough energy to go to work so a business was the last thing I was trying to make happen at this time.

I planned to get back focused on my dreams after pregnancy, but boy was I wrong again. After having my baby, I had even less time because I’m now having to care for the baby, commute 2+ hours to and from work (with traffic), cook, clean, exercise, try to be a consistent blogger, etc and dad works longer hours than me so he can only help so much. Life was becoming exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so blessed and I’m grateful for everything God has given me but I started to become so drained and I thought “am I really about to settle for this life? How long will I leave home at 6am and make it back at 7pm for a job that isn’t my dream? How long will I sacrifice time with my family for something that doesn’t fulfill me? How long will I use this lack of time as an excuse to not invest in my dreams?”

By the end of 2019 I’d had ENOUGH. I decided that I was going to make my dream job happen by any means necessary. I promised God that if he’d make a way, I’d put my all into making my dream job happen and you know what he did? Allowed a whole pandemic to happen. Now, I’m not celebrating a virus that has killed thousands of people but I am celebrating the fact that my prayers were answered (in the most random way ever). From March to June 2020, I worked from home full time and since the beginning of July I’ve been working from home and going to my job only 6-10 hours a week. We may have this schedule the rest of this year.


I knew God was real but after this year nobody and I mean NOBODY can tell me that there isn’t a magnificent God available for us and waiting on us to simply ask and go get it. When you have a desire (and I mean a STRONG desire) and you decide that you will do everything it takes to get it, the whole world will have to change to help you do the thing that God is calling you to do.

Moral of the story: Your little excuses are nothing to God.


I’m so happy to share with you, my clothing brand Fox Blvd! Shop sexy, exclusive designs by yours truly. My first collection has four pieces but stay tuned for new arrivals and bigger collections because I have faith that God is about to grow this brand into something my mind can’t even imagine right now.



Thanks so much for reading my testimony. I hope it inspired someone to stop making excuses and go get it!





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