Black Effect

Hey Style Babes,

Today I bring to you another all black look!

Can we ever go wrong with this color? I think not.




Being that about 40% of my wardrobe is black, you’ll probably be seeing another one, lol. Plus black history month is approaching so I’ll have to do it again for the culture!

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about some reasons why being black is so AMAZING:

  1. I’ll start with hair. Black hair is so damn beautiful. I didn’t get to see how wonderful my hair could be until I stopped getting perms 5 years ago. My hair had never been so strong, thick and long before I went natural. I feel more beautiful now than I ever have before. It just feels great to not have boring hair that doesn’t curl or grow big.
  2. We also age really well! My mother is approaching 60 and people always assume she’s 15-20 years younger. And the black people with great diets and healthy lifestyles look even better!
  3. I love my dark brown skin. We come in so many different colors but I’m glad I get to be dark. It’s soo beautiful especially during the summer when I’m tanned. My skin looks more flawless the darker I get.
  4. Our music and dance moves are the best! I couldn’t imagine life with no hip hop, r&b, or rhythm.
  5. Our vibes! Black people have the best vibes I’ve ever experienced whether it’s during a concert, festival or just a cookout, I always feel good.

I can go on but I’d keep you here all day.

Thank God for melanin!




What is your favorite thing about black culture?



Outfit Deets

Duster: Boohoo

Crop Top: ASOS

Pants: Fashion Nova

Heels: Steve Madden

Bag: Urban Outfitters







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