Attracting The God Sent Man

This post is for the beautiful, single queens and/or queens in a relationship that feels wrong. God has the perfect person for you and I will give you three ways to attract him!


1. Find yourself

You’ll never find the right man until you find you. I found myself by reading spiritual books, going to church faithfully, watching inspirational YouTube videos, going through crazy experiences and praying. God is always causing things to happen in our lives so that we can learn who we truly are. After learning that God exists inside of me, I fell more and more in love with myself, became more confident and more clear on what I wanted in life. (Check out my blog post “Have You Found Your Crown” for tips on finding yourself)

2. Be choosy

Don’t be afraid to get specific in your talks with God. Ask for EVERYTHING that you desire. Before my man came along, I had a whole list of things I wanted lol. I watched an inspiring video of Shanel Cooper-Sykes and got it popping. I wrote down how he’d dress, how faithful he’d be, how big his vision would be, how straight he’d be (no seriously, I asked God not to send me anybody on the DL cause I aint got time). I asked for a business man that loves food and travel, a man that wants a family, a man that will be able to provide for his family, a man who’s street but sophisticated, etc. I made sure to be as clear as I possibly could so that I wouldn’t settle for any old thing. Don’t get me wrong, nobody’s perfect so don’t be so stuck on your list that you miss out on your blessing. He may only be 98% of the things you asked for and God is sending him to you so that you can help him with the other 2%. The list is just to stop you from settling for the guy with 75%.

3. Move on from the past

Let the wrong guy go sis. As long as he’s still in your panties, there is no room for your King. As long as he’s still the topic of discussion during phone calls with your bestie, you’ll still attract him and/or guys just like him. Since what you focus on is what you get, the more you allow your focus to stay on the negative things he’s done to you, the more of that you’ll receive. After I became clear on what it was that I wanted in a man, I started to speak more about what I wanted in a man than what I hated in men. I started to lose feelings for the wrong guys. My taste in men changed so I no longer found them attractive.

Remove the past even if it means being alone for months. Make room for the God sent man.


To Be Continued …

With only these three tips I am positive that you will begin attracting your King in no time! I will give a couple more tips in another blog post or video. Stay tuned.

Below is the amazing man I was writing about before I even knew he existed:





My Outfit Details

Choker: Chic Wishlist

Dress: House Of CB

Shoes: Public Desire






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