Birthday Gratitude

It’s my birthday!!

If you know me you know how serious I take birthdays, lol. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. Why? Because 27 years ago today, I was blessed with a beautiful life. A life filled with great health, great people, and great experiences. As I evolve and work towards making my life more amazing, I have to stop and thank God daily for everything I already have. Besides my two legs, ten fingers, healthy organs, beautiful hair, and perfect skin, I have to give thanks for loving family and friends. I even get to enjoy perfect vision and hearing.

I’m grateful for the good and horrible experiences I’ve had so far in this lifetime that have molded me into the lit queen I am today. Thank God for the books I’ve read that spoke to my soul. Thank you for the times I’ve wanted to hide in church because I felt the pastor knew my life and was speaking directly to me lmao. Thank you for the people you’ve sent to teach me things. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can’t forget about food. Oh how I love to eat and I’m so appreciative of the abundance of food I get to choose from. I appreciate beautiful parks, peaceful beaches and happy puppies, good music, sunsets and laughter. Life is beautiful. I’m so happy to be here. I’m so happy to be me. I’m blessed.

To show my appreciation, I’ll be sure to fulfill every desire you’ve given me. I’ll be sure to give. I’ll be sure to be light in darkness. I’ll be sure to live up to my fullest potential!





Outfit Details:

Blazer– ASOS

Skirt- ASOS

Lace Bodysuit- WINDSOR

Heels- STEVE MADDEN (old shoes, may no longer be on the site)







2 thoughts on “Birthday Gratitude”

  1. I hope writing a book is on your to do list. Or just go somewhere and talk. Lol. But for real, your spirit is moving!❤️💯


    1. Girl don’t make me cry! Because I’m writing one right NOW so this is confirmation that I need to get back on it so that I can finish. Thanks soo much. This meant a lot.


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