“The Illustration” Recap

Thanks to Deshane Nelson (Mariah V) for putting together such an amazing event!!

The Illustration was the biggest fashion show held in Baton Rouge, La. Ten designers presented their forms of art through fashion. I am proud to say I hosted. Here is a recap if you missed it:

My co-host (Curtis Morton) and I




Curt is the owner of Third & James Clothing Co, a stylist and has been featured on several magazines such as Ego, LPK and The Rouge Collection.

The dress I am wearing is Ljai Amor by Paige Alexander.

The romper is Grabit by Joey Reddit.


“Ko’Fetche By Ko’Rebel” by Korebelle Jefferys

image image

“Red Hot’ by Christina Woods

image image

Wrath Clothing Fall Collection by Kerstine Faure

imagephoto (5)

“Heaven On 5th” by Joey Reddit (Grabit)


Londa Love by Ronlonda Robinson

image image

“Painting With The Stars” by Jaquam Mitchell

image image

FASHISME by Kiante’ Moses


Ljai Amor by Paige Alexander


“The Muse” by Deshane Nelson (Mariah V)


Christien Kollection



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